US Olympic track and field trials: Winners and losers from final 4 days (2024)

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The final four days of the U.S. Olympic track and field trials featured world-leading marks, a competitive men’s and women’s 200, Grant Holloway making a statement, Chase Jackson throwing a season-best in the shot put and Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone basically running by herself en route to another world record.

There were many highlights during the last half of the trials. USA TODAY Sports explores some highlights and lowlights from the final four days in our winners and losers.


Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone breaks own world record

It was inevitable that McLaughlin-Levrone would headline this list. McLaughlin-Levrone is must-see TV every time she steps out on the track.

Running in her signature event, McLaughlin-Levrone is making the 400-meter hurdles look easy. She was in first place over all 10 hurdles. By the time she got to the homestretch, her only competition was her own world record.

When McLaughlin-Levrone crossed the finish line she had indeed broken her own world record, running a 50.65. She's the only woman in history to run sub-51 seconds in the 400-meter hurdles, and she's done it twice.

Grant Holloway on a mission

Holloway sent a message to the Paris Olympic participants in the men's 110-meter hurdles. Holloway looked unbeatable at the Olympic trials.

The three-time world champion saved his best for the final. Holloway ran a world-leading time of 12.86 seconds to win gold. It's the second-fastest time he's ever run.

Holloway looks to be on a mission this year for his first Olympic gold. He placed second at the Tokyo Olympics.

Noah Lyles after sprint double in Paris

Lyles was in USA TODAY Sports’ first winners and losers edition. He earned a winner's spot again after his gold-medal performance in the 200.

Lyles was trailing Kenny Bednarek at the 100-meter mark. But Lyles had another gear during the final 75 meters that Bednarek couldn’t match as he sped by Bednarek and finished first with a meet record and world-leading time of 19.53.

Lyles’ acceleration and closing phases are as good as it gets in the sprints.

The sprinter is headed to Paris with all the confidence in the world. He’s the reigning world champion in the 100 and 200, and just won both events at the U.S. trials.

Masai Russell's record breaking performance

Russell had a coming out party in the 100-meter hurdles. The 24-year-old won in what was a very competitive 100 hurdles final.

Russell's gold-medal winning time of 12.25 is the fastest time in the world this year and it broke Gail Devers’ 24-year-old meet record.

Gabby Thomas victorious in 200

Thomas ran the fastest 200-meter time in the world on Friday. On Saturday, Thomas validated that she’s a gold-medal candidate.

Thomas was victorious in a loaded field in the women’s 200 final, running a 21.81.

The Harvard product ran out of lane eight, she led around the turn and finished in first by about two strides ahead of the field.


Eugene, Oregon

Eugene’s Hayward Field, at the University of Oregon, has hosted the trials eight times. Eugene is affectionately known as TrackTown, USA. But despite the city’s rich track and field history, many on site were feeling Eugene fatigue.

Hotel lodging is limited, traveling to Eugene’s airport can be difficult and there isn’t much to do after the track and field competitions.

Los Angeles is hosting the 2028 Olympics. Even if there's questions about whether the LA Coliseum will be ready to host, seems like a perfect time for USA Track and Field to have the 2028 Olympic trials in Southern California.

Changing of the guard

There's a youth movement in the 100-meter hurdles. Former world champion Nia Ali, 35, and American-record holder Keni Harrison, 31, were unable to qualify in the event. Ali finished fourth and Harrison crossed the finish line in sixth.

Masai Russell (24), Alaysha Johnson (27) and GraceStark (23) who finished first, second and third, respectively, are all first-time Olympians.


Christian Coleman

Coleman came into the trials as a medal favorite in the 100. But he missed the final qualifying spot when he finished in fourth place. Coleman had an opportunity again to make the team in his secondary event, the 200. However, Coleman finished at the dreaded fourth spot with a time of 19.89, just missing the three automatic qualifying spots.

The is some good news for Coleman, though. He'll likely be selected for Team USA's 4x100 relay pool.

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US Olympic track and field trials: Winners and losers from final 4 days (2024)
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