Discord IP Resolver: Things You Should Know - Blog (2024)

Discord IP Resolver: Things You Should Know - Blog (1)

Discord has become a widely used communication tool for groups, corporations, and gamers. Users need to be aware of the potential risks to their personal information, including IP addresses, though, given the growing privacy concerns. We'll go over the idea of IP resolvers, their consequences for Discord users, and the best ways to protect your privacy in this extensive tutorial.​

What is Discord IP Resolver

An IP resolver, sometimes referred to as an IP grabber, is a tool for obtaining a Discord user's IP address. The application establishes a connection with Discord's servers in order to obtain data on a particular user, including their IP address. Users can report or stop inappropriate behavior by using this information, among other options.

Reasons for Using Discord IP Resolvers

On Discord, users can look for IP resolvers for a variety of purposes, such as locating trolls or cyberbullies, looking into questionable activity, or just gratifying their curiosity. However, using IP resolvers comes with a lot of hazards and moral dilemmas.​

Is it Legal to Use Discord IP Resolver?

In fact, your IP address and other personal data are collected by websites, apps, and Internet service providers whenever you visit their website or make a connection. As long as an individual's IP address is being checked for legitimate purposes, it is typically acceptable to do so. Nevertheless, obtaining someone's IP address without that person's knowledge is illegal when using a tool or service. This would be against Discord's own terms of service and privacy policy, as well as many jurisdictions' privacy laws. Discord takes precautions to safeguard user privacy; using such technologies might have legal repercussions and result in a platform ban. It's critical to use Discord responsibly and to respect each user's right to privacy.

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How To Get Someone's IP From Discord

IP resolvers are frequently employed for nefarious activities including hacks, harassment, and doxxing. They may also be used in arguments or confrontations amongst Discord users, which might compromise user privacy and pose security risks. But for appropriate tasks, consider these three widely used approaches:

  1. Using Discord IP Resolver Tools: To resolve IP addresses on Discord, a variety of web resources are available. IP Tracker, Whois, and Wireshark are a few of the well-known programs. Through connections to Discord's servers, these programs obtain the data required on a particular user.
  2. Using the Command Prompt (Windows): Users of Windows may also use the Command Prompt to discover a user's IP address on Discord. The Discord username is entered after the "ping" command in this method.
  3. Using Terminal (Mac): Just as with Command Prompt on Windows, Mac users may use Terminal to retrieve a user's IP address on Discord. The user's IP address will appear in the output that is produced when the Discord username is entered after using the "ping" command.

Can an Attacker Find Your IP Through Discord?

It is technically feasible for an attacker to get your IP address using Discord, however doing so is usually difficult and necessitates the use of unapproved software or vulnerability-exploiting. In the following situations, your Discord IP address could be revealed:

  1. Direct Communication: Your IP address can be visible to the other party if you have direct voice or video chats on Discord. Discord does, however, use some security features, such server relay, to mask IP addresses while making audio calls.
  2. Joining Servers: By using server logs or bot commands, the owner or administrators of a Discord server may obtain your IP address when you join. Discord does not, however, reveal IP addresses to normal server users.
  3. Malicious Tools: Attackers may try to get IP addresses from Discord users by using malicious tools or scripts, such as IP grabbers or resolvers. These tools are against Discord's terms of service and frequently take advantage of holes in the system or allow illegal access.

Although these situations point out possible dangers, it's crucial to remember that Discord takes user security and privacy very seriously. The platform uses a number of security mechanisms, including IP masking and encryption, to safeguard user data and reduce the possibility of IP address disclosure.

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How to Prevent Others From Finding My IP Through Discord

As an alternative, it's a good idea to abide by the following recommended practices to shield your IP address from potential exposure on Discord:

  • Refrain from obtaining illicit files from unidentified persons or clicking on dubious links.
  • Use caution while chatting directly on Discord with somebody you don't know.
  • Review and tweak Discord's privacy settings often to suit your needs.Notify the Discord support staff of any suspicious activities or interactions so they can look into them further.
  • You may reduce the possibility that your IP address will be revealed on Discord by being watchful and maintaining good cybersecurity practices.

Risks of Using Discord IP Resolvers

Discord IP resolvers, despite their purported efficacy, frequently fall short of producing precise or trustworthy results. Additionally, using them could be against Discord's rules of service and the law, which might have negative effects on users.

Alternatives to IP Resolvers

Users are advised to use Discord's built-in community management and dispute resolution tools rather than IP resolvers. These consist of community standards enforcement, moderating controls, and reporting mechanisms.You may also attempt Who*r IP, a basic and easy-to-use Discord IP resolver service that offers fundamental details about a user's IP address, such as their location and network details.

Is it Ethical to Use Discord IP resolvers?

Depending on your goals, using Discord IP Resolver may or may not be morally right. If you use it for self-defense or with no evil purpose, it is morally right. Nevertheless, using it to get data in order to follow users is immoral.


To sum up, use caution while utilizing the Discord IP resolver tool and think about the implications of gaining access to this information. Users may have a safe and contented Discord experience by being aware of the hazards connected with IP resolvers and following recommended procedures for internet security.

Discord IP Resolver: Things You Should Know - Blog (2024)
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