Writing that attracts buyers is the engine that drives successful marketing

To: Business owners and authors
From: Lee Pound, the Write Coach

Welcome to the Academy of Writing Excellence!

Are you finally ready to complete your book this year and start to attract targeted customers and clients to your business?

Every year, thousands of business owners and would-be authors say they will complete a book before the end of the year. Few ever do.

It frustrates me because every great marketer, copywriter, salesperson and successful business owner will tell you that "Copy is king!"

On the Internet, on television, on radio, in print, in ads, stories, books and articles, you see writing that drives the economy, that sells products, and that energizes customers to buy.

Yet eight out of 10 businesses fail in their first five years. For some it is a failure of nerve, for some lack of capital. For most it is poor marketing copy driven by poor writing skills. The lesson is: If you cannot communicate your message, your business will fail.

Is your business perilously close to joining those thousands who have already gone under? Does your writing and marketing need an overhaul?

If so, you're in the right place. Help is just a click away.

You see, over the past eight years as a writing coach, consultant, book publisher and seminar producer, I've helped individual business owners write and publish books and write sales copy that has made them the recognized experts in their markets.

However, I can only work with a few people this way and the demand for my services has been heavy. That's why I established the Academy of Writing Excellence - to reach many more business owners and authors than I can one on one.

Most people don't realize that a few simple principles, applied with care, can make your writing powerfully attractive to potential clients and customers and your books attractive to editors and publishers.

The best writers, authors, marketers and copywriters understand and use these principles to get results.

It's time the rest of you got to use them as well.

In the Academy of Writing Excellence, you will learn the hidden techniques that produce writing that attracts customers and the mistakes that turn them off. You will learn how you can easily apply these techniques to your own marketing  and writing, whether it be sales materials, books, articles, letters, emails or blogs, to draw customers to your business.

Start with my free strategy session or choose the program above that works best for you and let's get to work making your books, articles and sales materials attract new customers and clients and position you as the go-to expert in your market.

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